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I have found Devrim to be a friendly and enthusiastic teacher with a very positive attitude, which I’m sure, would appeal equally to children as to adults. Her classes have a relaxed feel, which has allowed me to learn without pressure and enjoy the process of learning. I would be happy to recommend her!

Sarah Gill, Student

What We Do for Students

Our credo for our students is:
“We don’t want you to be the best; we want you to do your best!”

For many students exam revision can be a stressful and worrying. Our tutors are here to support and assist you in preparing you for your exams. We provide effective support for common entrance exams, GCSE, AS and A-levels. We help our students organise and structure their exam revision so they can prepare effectively. Our materials together with teaching and learning methods have helped many students in their exams, equipping them with a much greater confidence and increasing their achievements. We adapt teaching styles, course structure and support materials to the individual needs of every learner. All of our students have successfully passed their exams and some of our students have been accepted to Eton, Westminster, St Paul’s, City and Francis Holland.

Language Melody has worked with schools and students at all levels of education and our teachers know the national curriculum and all the key requirements.
We take the time to carefully choose our tutors, and to assess their qualifications and pedagogical preparation.

Our teachers issue a track-progress report on a regular basis, which we use to constantly evaluate and adapt the content of the course and the methods to the learner’s needs. For parents, the report is an easy way to have a constant insight into their child’s learning progress and to give us feedback. In the unlikely event that a substitute teacher is needed for the student’s lesson, this report provides a smooth handover for the new teacher, which keeps any possible disruption to a minimum.

Do not stress about exams anymore! We are here to help you pass your exams.

At Fitzrovia Community Centre

Half-term exam revision package
13, 15, 17 April 2015
9am - 12pm

3 days....3 hours each day
only £135
Focus on your French in a small group!

GCSE French revision
Your GCSE grades will determine your pathways after Y11. Therefore revisions are the most important when preparing for exams.

A-Levels French Revision
For AS and A-Level students. We will give the opportunity to plan, do past papers, correct them, review grammar as well as give you useful tips!

Daily revision will include listening, reading, writing and conversation all in French!

We will provide all the material for the revision, all you need to bring is your positive attitude, your head and your snack!

For more details please contact us.

Fitzrovia Community Centre, John Astor House, 2 Foley Street, London W1W 6DL