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I myself had the opportunity to join most of Ms. Karoaba lectures and found them highly planned and well executed. The teaching and learning outcomes of my staff were of the highest order. Ms. Karoaba, in the position of French Language Lecturer, brought to this position an outstanding contribution to the professional development of my stuff accompanied with excellent knowledge, skills and experience as a talented leading educator.

David McLoughlin, Unesco
Head of Unesco Duhok-Iraq

What We Do for Schools

Language Melody provides tutoring and teaching to children aged 3-18 at schools.

Language Melody has developed an innovative methodological approach – learning processes are much more effective if they are associated with entertainment, joy and interaction. Therefore, we stimulate the learning processes of our pupils with board games, songs and group activities, which complement the current curriculum. We also adapt our teaching styles, course structure and supporting materials to the individual needs of our learners.

Language Melody provides the following to schools:
• fun-based French or Spanish tuition in a form which is suitable to your school
• individual or group private classes
• classes as a part of MFL curriculum
• after school clubs
• Teacher training and methodological workshops

We are a fast growing, professional agency which takes the time to carefully choose its tutors, and to asses their qualifications and pedagogical preparation. (Please click here to find out more about our teachers)

Our teachers issue a track-progress report on a regular basis, which we use to constantly evaluate and adapt the content of the course, and the methods used, to the learner’s needs. The report is an easy way to have a constant insight into the pupils’ learning progress and to give us feedback. In the unlikely event that a substitute teacher is needed for the student’s lesson, this report provides a smooth handover for the new teacher, which keeps any possible disruption to a minimum.

Language Melody has well-established track record and our methods have always met with incredible satisfaction and provided measurable results, we can provide references and testimonials.