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(...) The students of 1st and 2nd year at Duhok University made significant progress and hence achieved sound academic outcomes at the completion of the courses which is a true reflection to the excellent and highly successful teaching and learning methodologies used by Ms. Karaoba."

Mr. Asmat M. Kalid
President of Duhok University-Irak

What We Do for Groups (adults)

Ready to depart on a foreign language adventure? Come together with your colleagues and experience the joy of learning a foreign language together!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn another language, whether it is for pleasure, travel purposes or literature, Language Melody will provide you with an enjoyable learning atmosphere with tangible results. We believe that learning a foreign language should be rewarding and satisfying. Our lessons are based on speaking and listening in a relaxed environment, which will give you the confidence to practice your new language immediately!

Ask a friend or a colleague to join you at your workplace or any other suitable place in London.

Language Melody uses innovative and methodological teaching methods. We provide language learning in a wholly active and interactive way. It uses modern techniques as a way of learning, with conversations, songs, CD’s and sometimes videos and games instead of rigid, old-fashioned grammar lessons.

At the first lesson, your tutor will assess your group’s level, choose a method that suits your learning styles and set out what you would like to achieve in your lessons. This means you will know your group’s starting point and you will be able to clearly set your goals and target levels. We also will structure the lessons according to your time commitments.

Language Melody has a well-established track record and our methods have always met with incredible satisfaction and provided measurable results. (Check testimonials)

Just e-mail us or phone us on 020 8692 2348 with your contact details, your level and when you are available for your lessons. Please note that the groups are between 3-6 people and the costs are split between learners.

Language Melody appreciates that studying foreign language demands patience, time and commitment and our tutors are here to help you meet this rewarding challenge. Book a group session and begin your foreign language adventure today.

We are passionate about languages and we want to share this joy with you!