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Devrim as a teacher is patient, methodical and easy to understand, and it was a real pleasure to meet her and be taught by her. Devrim besides teaching us French implemented her knowledge about learning techniques and it really made it special and worthwhile to everybody in the class. Learning a foreign language can be daunting and monotonous as in the past, but this time it was the complete opposite!

Denisa K, Student

What We Do for Corporation

In the world of business having a workforce that can communicate in more than one language can help your business become more competitive and successful. In addition, language learning is one of the most powerful mind exercises which could enhance the creativity, imagination and abstract thinking of your workforce.

For our corporate clients we run courses that focus on professional telephone and email communication or vocabulary from a specific field of business. If you would like to read and understand a specific area of business, our tutors will make sure that the content of the course matches your needs and expectations, and as a result you will reach your personal or team target level. Our tutors will discuss and practice the correct usage of specific terminology in your business environment.

Language Melody provides professional French courses entirely suited to your company’s needs:
• Short, medium and long term courses
• Courses suited to all levels
• Professional French for any type of business
• French for everyday business communication
• One to one or group sessions (groups usually range from two to eight students)
• Flexible hours – we run our courses at your convenience
• We can also provide telephone teaching for half an hour

Language Melody recognises that every company’s reasons for language tuition are different. That is why we are happy to provide a, free of charge, preliminary consultation and needs analysis in order to structure the course according to your company’s profile, focusing on the areas of your greatest interest.

Language Melody has a well-established track record and our methods have always met with incredible satisfaction and provided measurable results. (Check testimonials)

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