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(...) The Outreach Office at UCL ran a series of activities for children and their parents in August 2010. Because of their interactive and engaging teaching methods we decided to use French and Spanish teachers from Language Melody. Language Melody provided an excellent service. They were able to deliver sessions that met our objectives and provide us enthusiastic teachers who were able to share the joy of their native language in an accessible and fun manner."

Lisa Schappert UCL Outreach Manager (Liaison and Recruitment)

French for children with Language Melody...

French Club for children:

Do you want your children learn French in a fun and enjoyable environment? Language Melody is offering a French Club for different age group!

Learning processes are much more effective if they are associated with entertainment, joy and interaction. Therefore, we stimulate the learning processes with games, songs and group activities, which is proved to be effective and enjoyable at the same time!


Every Wednesday at Fitzrovia Community Centre

3:45-4:30pm French Club for 2 to 4 years old

4:30-5:15pm French Club for 5 to 8 years old

Cost: £8 per child

For more details please contact Fitzrovia Community Centre or Language Melody:

Tel: 077 6579 7891