learn with language melody
Our ten year old daughter looks forward to her French lessons each week. She has developed confidence in speaking in French and she really enjoys it. The lessons contain all the formal elements required to develop the necessary language skills but are taught in a fun and interesting way with games, puzzles, use of magazines and other resources - all tailored to our daughter's level. I highly recommend language classes with Language Melody.

Leonie Brown, Parents

What We Do for Children

What could be better than to give your child the love of language? We create a fun environment to learn a language with songs and games.

Language Melody has developed an innovative methodological approach especially for children aged 3-12 (for older age groups please see Students Section). A child's learning process is much more effective if it is associated with entertainment, joy and interaction. Therefore, we stimulate the learning process of our pupils with various teaching aids.

To encourage learning:
• we offer one to one lessons or group lessons (you can arrange for other children with the same level, to join the class).
• our teachers are trained with Language Melody's method, which is based on an interactive way of learning, using songs, games and videos, which is proved to be effective and enjoyable at the same time.
• our lessons for children are based on the language curriculum taught at school. This could enable your child to feel more confident and advance more quickly than their peers at school.

Our teachers issue a track-progress report on a regular basis, which we use to constantly evaluate and adapt the content of the course and the methods to your child's needs. For parents, the report is an easy way to have a constant insight into their child's learning progress and to give us feedback. In the unlikely event that a substitute teacher is needed for your child's lesson, this report provides a smooth handover for the new teacher, which keeps any possible disruption to a minimum.

Language Melody has a well-established track record and our methods have always met with incredible satisfaction and provided measurable results. (Check testimonials)